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How to make money!  

Make a million dollars plus.

153 deals and you'll be rich.     It starts so small, you'll be insulted.

Pay   nothing now.   After you learn to make money--pay it forward!

How to make money!   Make a million dollars...or two!




Any one can be a capitlist.  Any one can learn how to make money.   The first caveman to pick up a stick to use as a weapon was a capitalist.   He converted the raw material of a stick into a weapon to amplify his own ability.   He moved up instantly in the food chain.   With the first whack of the stick, he gained power over the creatures below him that could not see the weapon quality of a stick.   That is what this program is about.   We will start from the very basics and learn to seize opportunity.   If you want to make a million dollars or two, this is the right place to begin.   If you are too advanced for the simple concept of this program, then you need to use another method.   Perhaps you would rather borrow a couple of million dollars from the bank and buy stock options.   This program is for losers that are tired of losing.   This program is for honest people that want to strip capitalism down to its basic form by hunting for opportunity that is within their grasp, add value, then trade that new improved commodity to the "market" for the next and better opportunity.   This program requires no borrowed capital.


No sooner had the caveman discovered the utility of using a stick than his experienced eye must have found an even better stick.   Perhaps as he discarded his first weapon for a better one, another caveman picked up the old one.   Very soon there must have been certain cavemen who were better at trading sticks than they were hunting prey.   Those men became merchants.   In all likelihood the best hunters of those early societies commanded the most respect.   The best merchants commanded the most wealth.   The best hunters probably catered to the best merchants for favor.   That seems to be the way of things today.  You can have all you want after you learn how to make money.  You can buy nearly anything you want after you make a million dollars or two.


Today, we all buy and sell.   Even if we hunt for a living....we still buy and sell.   How well we do that determines the standards of our living.   Being a good hunter is not enough.   We must learn to market our skills, and we must learn to leverage the buying power of those payments we receive for the work we do.   That is what this book is about.   We won't have to become the best negociaters in the world.   We don't have to become the best athlete, professional person, or whatever of the high paying occupations in our world to have all the physical things we need to accomplish the other goals of our lives.   All we need to do is learn the skill of buying and selling sufficiently to accumulate what those of us at the bottom would call a small fortune.  You don't have to make all the money; you just need to learn how to make money.  Learn how to make a million dollars or two.


The power mongers and the jet setters of the world need far more than a small fortune to satisfy their hungers.   join Connally, governor of the great state of Texas and survivor of the assasanation of President Kennedy was forced into bankruptcy because he had risked everything in a venture that might have garnered him hundreds of millions of dollars in profits had it worked.   It didn't work, and I remember him explaining to an interviewer what went wrong.   He was explaining how he had incomes from pensions and things of over a million a year and a net worth of about 60 million dollars.   "That sounds like a lot of money to most people, but in the circles in which I ran, it was nothing."   So an extremely honorable man, even in his bankruptcy was driven to financial ruin going after amounts of money that he couldn't possibly have needed for his own personal needs and desires.   He knew how to make money.  He didn't know how to stop trying to make more.  He knew how to make a million dollars many times over, but he didn't know how to stop.


I remember the honor of John Connally because during some bad economic times, I owed his company some money.   Money was in short supply.   Connally's company dunned me only once and later when I sent them a partial payment they said they understood because people owed them money too....and they owed others whom they couldn't pay.   Other companies of those days threatened, hired lawyers, sued, and one even called and demanded that my wife sell a little blood to make a small payment.   John Connally did neither of these things....and because of his honor...after the auction that liquidated his wealth, huge numbers of people brought personal items they had bought and gave them back as a gift.


As we learn through these pages to buy and sell with power, let us always conduct ourselves with honor.   As you gain the skills and learn how to make money, let us shy away from greed and strive to give those who buy from us all the value they expect in the bargain a little extra.   We can do that.   It is easy enough. 


Seeing through the lies that we have been told:


There are so many myths circulating among us about how to make money that   it is not surprising that   we   have followed the rules and lose, lose, lose.   Experts often tell us that it takes money to make money....welll that is true, but the amounts that experts tell us we need almost always are overstated.   You see if we had all the money we thought we needed, but we lacked experience....we would waste the money before we learned to   use the money effectively.   Ask around, the world is full of people that took their life savings or loans from relatives   and invested in all those things the experts told them they needed, only to find out they were broke at just the moment they had gained enough experience and knowledge to make money.   So they lost big time.   Don't listen to the experts.   They exist to exploit us and charge us for bad advice.   The true experts are those who struggled from one deal to another learning as they went and adjusting their methods away from deals that went bad and repeating things that worked.  That is how you make a million dollars.  That's how you make two million dollars and more.


A better way is to start with nothing and build.   As you go, you'll build confidence, knowledge, and ability to achieve higher and higher capital investment levels.   Just for the moment, I'd like you to celebrate the fact that you have nothing.   That is where we start in this method.   If you have more than nothing....that's okay.   Use that for living, paying bills or whatever.   Chances are that you have a life, a job, and more financial stress than you need.   If you have assets and liabilties, the chances are that you feel heavily   burdened and very little freedom to start from scratch in a comfortable manner to build a fortune.   My Dad used to tell me that we were too busy making a living to make a fortune.   That is too true.


If you just got out of jail, bankruptcy, or you are a homeless person on the street long abandoned by debt collectors, you can begin this program immediately.   For you, just find a hiding place for a large garbage sack, start picking up aluminum cans until you fill the bag.   Drag the bag to a scrap dealer and sell them.   Whatever the dealer hands you in cash will be your square one reserve capital.   Now!   You can buy some wine....or you can move to square 149 to invest a dollar of your capital to begin your adventure in capitalism.


Most of you will have jobs, mortgaged automobiles, mortgaged   homes, and assets with liabilities.   If you can get rid of it!   If you can't   cut some of them back.   If you can't...keep your job and start at square one on the side.   Find an empty pocket some place where the world can't get to it and make that a new identity--a place of your own.   Find some time to invest in your private pocket existence and then turn that time into capital.   Put some coin (by systematic investment)   in that pocket, build some strength of real power there, letting that pocket grow until you can trade the contents of that pocket to pay off every debt you owe.   Then you can start at square one again...and build yourself a fortune. This is how you make money.  This is how you make a million dollars or two.


Think of it this way.   You are a slave.   You are in a prison of obligation to the creditors of the world.   Like any prisoner looking to escape, you will secretly plan a way out.   Remove a few bricks when no one is looking and start digging your way out.   Establish your empty pocket, separate it from your other pockets, and start filling it with unencumbered capital.   Work on it when you can, then hide it when you can't.   Bit by bit, square by square you will grow in power until you can pull it out and buy your way to freedom.   That is the whole reason for this website.   We all want to be financially free. We all want to have two million dollars or more at our service.


Meanwhile, in your old life you will continue as before.   Well....not really.   Because you will begin to gain confidence in the faith that your secret self will free you, you will begin to set in motion the rescue.   Hopefully you will stop getting yourself in debt and suffer less stress than before just knowing that you are moving to square one.   Also, you should not tell anyone exactly what you are up to.   Prisoners that are digging tunnels to freedom do not tell the guards.   They also do not tell the other prisoners...except when they absolutely have to.   You should do the same.   The world will know soon enough when you emerge as a capitalist with the money to buy your slave self free.   Then you can start over again and build your next fortune for yourself.   Then you can do this as many time as you'd  


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